Are You Ready to Reduce Risk In Your Business, Improve Productivity, While Increasing Profits and Referrals

Imagine…… taking a massive leap in your business in JUST 1 day. Imagine cutting away months (or even years!) of hesitation and false starts

Thousands of lawyers are struggling to build their practice, getting paid for their expertise, and staying productive in spite of all the stress and overwhelm that are all too often a constant presence in a lawyer’s life. You can change this situation in just ONE DAY! The question is, how strong is your DESIRE and COMMITMENT to turn things around and create a thriving law practice? And, most importantly, what are you willing to do to make it happen?

Here are seven reasons why you should jump at the opportunity to do the VIP Business Intensive IMMEDIATELY:
Uncover your blind spots
Discover what to look for in a prospect to end up with an ideal, high paying client

Getting rid of “overwhelm, complexity and how” 
Walk away with your business development mojo reignited and an actionable plan to implement
Set up systems so that you’re always getting (the right) things done not just putting out fires
Get clear about what SALES is really about

Reduce risk and uncertainty in your professional life

 All it takes is ONE day, laser-focused on you and your success, created specifically to result in a massive leap for your law practice! Cut away months (or even years!) of hesitation, false starts and procrastination  The Fill Your Practice in a Day Intensive will benefit YOUR business. That is a GAURANTEE.

 Let me be clear, The VIP Business Intensive  is NOT for all Lawyers and Entrepreneurs. Definitely not for faint of heart.

The VIP Business Intensive is for those who want to:

  • Witness your results soar from average to extraordinary
  • Significantly increase your productivity, referrals and revenues
  • Increase return on investment on ALL your business development activities
  • Build your expert status, “get known, liked and trusted” in your  market
  • Set up accountability support systems so that you’re always getting (the right) things done
  • Move your practice forward with clarity and EASE
  • Go from worrying from where the next client will come from to THRIVING in your practice

 Absolutely you can try to get all this figured out by yourself. But why risk wasting invaluable time, often years (yes, sadly I have witnessed this) squandering limiting resources by doing the wrong things, rather than getting help. By investing in a proven system that is guaranteed to pay off over and over again, you can easily avoid business set-backs like:

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward when you know you should be making progress
Losing momentum and opportunities because you’re not ready to take full advantage of all opportunities
Relying on outdated marketing methods because you’re not up-to-date with what works in your market
Subconsciously creating more and more stress for yourself in an attempt to finally find  solutions
Wasting time, money and limited resources with cookie cutter approaches
Leaving money on the table by skipping the chance to profit from a business expert’s insight and experience

Its time to focus directly on what YOU need to do to push your business forward.

After all, the days of “easy money, easy credit” and “throwing anything out there and see what sticks” are long gone, along with the old model of “clients come easy.”

The past three years have shown us that the way the world does business has changed forever. In the process, it’s actually created a much more educated, much more aware client. They ask questions, do their own research … and can dig up far more accessible information and background, checking into the history and reputation of any person and company they choose to.

I’ll bet you do exactly the same thing, too. Simply because we HAVE to, if we want to stay ahead … and keep things real.

That means your prospects are actually better customers, because now you BOTH know the value you’re bringing to them with your business. But they’re also much harder to reach and convince, and to nail down a commitment.

If you are ready to step up and play a bigger game… Call Paramjit (646)-763-1407 for a consultation

Take a look at what clients  are saying……

“I am launching a publishing company arm of my IP practice and together with my first author I signed up for the VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. After spending a highly focused 9 hours with her, I’m certainly not surprised that her clients are seeing great results. She simplifies overwhelm and complexity and turns it into a practical, actionable plan. My author was very excited to see a clear road map for the launch of his book, and I was incredibly relieved to see that everything really was doable! Paramjit over-delivers and genuinely cares about her client’s and meets them where they are. I would highly recommend her not just to lawyers, but small business owners and authors. Well worth the time and money that you will put into it!” 

Renée L. Duff, Renée L. Duff, P.C. and Eudaimonia Publishing, LLC

“I recently completed a VIP Business Intensive Day with Paramjit, and it has both reinvigorated and jump-started my practice.  Before our session, I was feeling like my workday was spent cleaning up after the elephant, and I felt busy doing nothing. Now, I am re-focused, the spirit is rekindlied and I have back my burning desire, backed by a definite strategic plan of action and it feels right again.  I spent an intense day with Paramjit focusing on my concerns and left with solid, practical, commonsense solutions to resolve them. She’s very easy to work with and is focused on providing solutions, rather than pie in the sky plans or cookie cutter solutions  I’ve implemented some of her ideas and am well on my way to putting systems in place for my own business development plan.  I’m seeing the results and am delighted at the progress.  Working with her is a must for an attorney who wants to see results.  Keep moving Forward!” Jaime D. Jackson, Esq.  Partner, Atlee Hall LLP, Lancaster, PA

I flew across the country to do a VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. Less than 90 minutes into the session the insight I discovered about my own blind spots was WORTH the price of admission itself. By the end of the day, we had  figured new markets, ways to improve the value that I bring to clients and more…all in all far to many light bulbs moments to mention. My ONLY REGRETI wish I had done the VIP Business Intensive 10 years ago. Janice Hugener, The Hugener Law Group, San Francisco

“I launched this year with a VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. We commenced with a 6+ hour focus session exploring my dreams, strategizing to overcome obstacles, and laying out an action plan to reach my goals. Paramjit has keen intuitive abilities and a sharp business acumen that put me on a fast track to achieve results. Our weekly phone sessions kept me on track, and at the end of my three month session, I was thrilled to find that I had achieved 80% of my goals, with the remaining 20% to be achieved on my own by the end of this year. Not only do I highly recommend Paramjit, but I plan on having another VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit in January 2013 to set my goals and drive me forward on my action plan for 2013. Paramjit is uplifting, inspirational and worth every penny.” Law Offices Sumeeta A. Gawande, New York, New York

“A top notch business consultant. Paramjit’s practical, no-nonsense approach is a must for business owners, who want to see results quickly. She has very good skills at guiding you and your team and genuinely cares about your success. Working with her is a must for business owners who care about their bottom-line.” Chef Ameera, Celebrity Chef, Los Angeles

“After three years of running my own law firm, I decided to hire Paramjit to take a hard look at how my practice was running, what I was doing right and what was holding me back from getting to the next level and attracting more of the clients I really want. We spent all day together and I left the session feeling energized, enlightened and focused.  In just a couple weeks I started seeing drastic improvements in productivity, which included systems I needed to put in place to balance substantive work with marketing efforts. She also provided realistic goals and systems that fit within all of my other responsibilities, whether it was family, hobbies, ventures, etc., so that I could juggle everything without feeling overwhelmed Not only was Paramjit personable and experienced as a business coach, she has a knack for identifying differing personality traits and finding what works best for each client. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of business refinement, at any level. Above all, she truly loves her work, which I strongly believe is the key to success.” Kenneth Anand, Employment & Business Lawyer, New York

I heard Paramjit speak about marketing on shoestring budget at the New York State Bar earlier this year. I immediately knew I wanted to work with her once I launched my own practice. I still conducted my due diligence. During my VIP Business Intensive Day, she helped me identify what was important in my practice for bringing in the right clients and so much more…. She has the ability to cut through the marketing clutter and hone in what works for her clients. For the record, I already love networking, but Paramjit helped me realize that I also like sales! Working with her has saved me time and money in the long run. My practice  though in its early stages is definitely on the fast track to thriving. I highly recommend other lawyers working with her. Dana Hall, Environmental Lawyer, New Jersey 

“I had a stellar business development session with Paramjit, and I feel confident about implementing the plan we came up with. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her to any lawyer who wants to build their book of business.”  Cheryl L. Davies, Mennaker & Hermann, New York

“I own an event management company, J Marshall Events. Throughout the last decade I’ve organized/managed/produced events for prominent business and political leaders on both sides of the pond. I felt ready to expand into other areas but needed clarity of vision. I contacted Paramjit a fellow Brit in NYC and while she works primarily with lawyers, I’d heard good things about the VIP Business Intensive. We spent a day together and I left the session feeling more focused and exhausted!  The work she does is invaluable and my immediate results were: focus and insight into targeting growing sectors outside of New York. I absolutely recommend Paramjit  to any small  business owner as her skills are relevant to any market.  She is results-driven, compassionate and fun!  I’m already looking forward to my next session at the end of this year. Founder & Special Events Producer, Julie-Ann Marshall
J Marshall Events

“As a young attorney setting up my own business, I did not want to waste time or limited resources spinning my wheels. I took the plunge and signed up for the VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit.  At the end of our day together, I had a plan which uncovered my blind spots (this was a huge break through for me) got very specific on the geographies of my market, how best to reach them and MUCH MORE….I left the day exhausted but confident in knowing not only can I get this phase done, but executed a lot faster and efficiently than I thought possible. I’m on her 120 day accountability program to keep me on track and well on my way to phase two. Paramjit, not only delivers but over delivers. She is both results driven and compassionate.  I highly recommend working with her, ESPECIALLY if you’re done with spinning your wheels and want to see results.  A true professional and happy to have her on my team.” Omar Issa,  Director, Bridge The Gap CLE, New York

“Paramjit has the unique ability to cut through the muck and see a clear and concise goal. She helped me realize my passion and gave me the tools and direction to go for it. Paramjit promised to work with me until we felt “good” and “clear” and she did, even with the curve balls I threw at her. She is gifted and I recommend her without reservation.” Rachel Learner, Lawyer, Securities Law 

“Our session on March 1, 2011 was one of the best business development conferences I have attended in my 22-year legal career. Three related approaches of the presentation made it different and more exciting than others:
First, it was refreshing that the program began with my life and interests, both within and outside my law practice. The idea of integrating many of my interests into the search for clients really felt like a new paradigm compared to other approaches. Second, I appreciated identifying and targeting “best” and “worst” clients as a starting point for the road to making contacts. Finally, you had a unique sensitivity to balancing and integrating my personal and professional life while developing business and practicing law. In short, I recommend your program very highly — In fact, I have already made recommendations to at least two friends and colleagues.” Peter Janovsky, Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP, New York

The reason why clients are RAVING about the Fill Your Practice In A Day Intensive is that it has been carefully designed  to be a business building strategy session like no other and gives you the keys to success. 

 Here’s what YOU will leave with:


  • you’ll have total clarity about your business goals and how to achieve them;
  • you’ll not only be able to see (and get excited by) your “big picture”  you’ll also have a step-by-step implementation plan, so you’ll know precisely what to focus on and when;
  • you’ll take overwhelm and anxiety out of the equation, and will feel in charge of your professional life again.
  • Understand the power of calendaring (yes, you signed up to get results!)
  • The power of LEVERAGE in all your marketing so that you are working SMARTER not HARDER.
  • Create systems of referral sources so that they are sending the right clients instead of the tire kickers.

*****Finally here’s my personal promise, NO VIP Business Intensive client has left the day until they are at least 80% satisfied. (This is why this day is unique. There are no cookie cutter solutions. The PURPOSE of the VIP Business Intensive is to reduce months (or even years!) of hesitation and false starts in your business.  Anything less than 80% satisfactory level means we go back to the drawing board whether it takes 6 hours or 9 hours. I advise, all clients NOT to have anything planned that evening).*****

From learning how to elevate and expand your current resources and skill-set to putting everything together in an efficient and effective strategic plan, the day is guaranteed to change the way you approach business forever! The VIP Business Intensive is a  must for those who want to be in charge of their business and are ready to back up their words by deeds and are ready to soar.   If you’re READY to take charge of your life  and SOAR, while  reducing risk, the VIP Business Intensive  is for YOU. Consider the cost of remaining STUCK: wasted limited dollars with nothing to show for after months often years of spinning your wheels. Can you really afford to leave your spin your wheels?

Stop wasting time. Call Paramjit (646)-763-1407 for an initial conversation.

VIP Business Intensive Days are  held in New York and will available in LA (In November 2012) VIP Business Intensive Days are booked 6 weeks in advance. 

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