Three Secrets To Becoming A Rainmaker: Tele-Class

Discover Three Secrets to Becoming A Rainmaker, so You Can Chart The Course For Success In Your Practice.

Dear Lawyers,
taking a leap forward in your practice in just a few hours. Imagine cutting away months of hesitations and false starts. What if you could find simple cost effective solutions to bring in better clients without breaking the bank. Imagine your stress levels going down. What would that world look like for you?
Let me share the good news…….. Introducing an exclusive live two part tele-class training: 3 Secrets To Successful Rainmaking.

 Who this two part class is for?

 Attorneys, practice group leaders, managing partners, associates and attorneys who run their own practice.

 Five reasons why should register for this class:

1. Get rid of overwhelm complexity and how in your practice
2. Reduce that pesky risk and uncertainty in your professional life
3. Walk away with your marketing business development mojo reignited
4. Discover how best to stand out in a crowded marketplace that is right for you and much much more…
5. The formula for success that every Rainmaker uses

Join me Paramjit L. Mahli, award winning journalist and entrepreneur for this very practical, hands on training on how to get you on the fast track to becoming a Rainmaker.

You will walk away with:

* Practical action items that you can start implementing immediately
* No longer spinning your wheels but will focus on revenue building activities
* Business development activities that FOCUS on your strengths (that is correct no cookie cutter solutions)
* Discover what habits and behaviors are getting in your way
* Opportunity to ask all your questions live on part two of the class and more including checklists and homework….


Class 1: Thursday, November 15th 7PM EST/6PM CT/5PM MT/4PM PST

Class 2: Thursday  November 29th,  7PM EST/6PM CT/5PM MT/4PM PST

What’s the format?

Over the course of 2 tele-classes  (each 90+minutes ) I’ll uncover three secrets of keys of Rainmaker. You can apply these practical action based steps immediately to your practice. Your return investment will be recuperated many times over again. And best of all, there is something for everyone: whether you have your own practice, or are an associate or partner.

The class is divided into two modules:

Class One:  Held on Thursday, November 15th, 7PM EST., will focus on 3 keys to successful rainmaking (Anticipated length of class 90+minutes)

Class Two: During the second class Thursday, November 29th, 7PM EST,  I will answer all your questions from class one and homework LIVE. You can submit your questions before call. (Class length 90+minutes)

You will receive:

  MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player. (In case you can’t make the calls live )


  PDF TRANSCRIPTS of all calls, so you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly

Those of you who’ve heard me speak in the Tri-State area and have worked with me know that I have very no – nonsense, direct style and always give more than expected. I plan to continue that tradition.

Take a look what clients who’ve been working with me are saying

Here’s my personal guarantee, if for any reason you have not received any value after the first class. Contact us within 24 hours, you will be refunded your money in full. No fuss, no muss. Period. 


My personal VIP Clients pay me thousands of dollars a day to help them strategize  their best business income streams on a 1:1 basis. This course is giving you the chance to get inside my head for a FRACTION of that price.

In fact, you get all the mistakes that I keep seeing my clients making for less than 100 dollars. This full course is priced at just $97! (Yes, that is it, less than your monthly gym membership)

No hoopla with me. Only concrete, solid practical advice, period.

I’m sure you can agree with so low an investment, even just a modest increase in your revenues will make this course more than pay for itself. Let me share with you secrets to becoming a Rainmaker. Just click on the link, and we’ll reserve your spot on the “3 Secrets To Becoming A Rainmaker” course immediately.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Just  as my VIP clients do you should do your due diligence and check out who I am. Here’s some client feedback…..

I flew across the country to do a VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. Less than 90 minutes into the session the insight I discovered about my own blind spots was WORTH the price of admission itself. By the end of the day, we had  figured new markets, ways to improve the value that I bring to clients and more…all in all far to many light bulbs moments to mention. My ONLY REGRET … I wish I had done the VIP Business Intensive 10 years ago. Janice Hugener, The Hugener Law Group, San Francisco

“I launched this year with a VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. We commenced with a 6+ hour focus session exploring my dreams, strategizing to overcome obstacles, and laying out an action plan to reach my goals. Paramjit has keen intuitive abilities and a sharp business acumen that put me on a fast track to achieve results. Our weekly phone sessions kept me on track, and at the end of my three month session, I was thrilled to find that I had achieved 80% of my goals, with the remaining 20% to be achieved on my own by the end of this year. Not only do I highly recommend Paramjit, but I plan on having another VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit in January 2013 to set my goals and drive me forward on my action plan for 2013. Paramjit is uplifting, inspirational and worth every penny.” Law Offices Sumeeta A. Gawande, New York, New York

“I am launching a publishing company arm of my IP practice and together with my first author I signed up for the VIP Business Intensive with Paramjit. After spending a highly focused 9 hours with her, I’m certainly not surprised that her clients are seeing great results. She simplifies overwhelm and complexity and turns it into a practical, actionable plan. My author was very excited to see a clear road map for the launch of his book, and I was incredibly relieved to see that everything really was doable! Paramjit over-delivers and genuinely cares about her client’s and meets them where they are. I would highly recommend her not just to lawyers, but small business owners and authors. Well worth the time and money that you will put into it!”

Renée L. Duff, Renée L. Duff, P.C. and Eudaimonia Publishing, LLC

“I recently completed a VIP Business Intensive Day with Paramjit, and it has both reinvigorated and jump-started my practice.  Before our session, I was feeling like my workday was spent cleaning up after the elephant, and I felt busy doing nothing. Now, I am re-focused, the spirit is rekindlied and I have back my burning desire, backed by a definite strategic plan of action and it feels right again.  I spent an intense day with Paramjit focusing on my concerns and left with solid, practical, commonsense solutions to resolve them. She’s very easy to work with and is focused on providing solutions, rather than pie in the sky plans or cookie cutter solutions  I’ve implemented some of her ideas and am well on my way to putting systems in place for my own business development plan.  I’m seeing the results and am delighted at the progress.  Working with her is a must for an attorney who wants to see results.  Keep moving Forward!” Jaime D. Jackson, Esq.  Partner, Atlee Hall LLP, Lancaster, PA.

Add if you are in the New York area…you are bound to have heard me speak and give CLEs at various places such as New York County Lawyers, ABA Mid Year, International Meeting, Bridgingthegapcle, Asian Bar Association and many others…So you know me and know my get it done, no nonsense style.

Finally, life presents opportunities all the time. This is a fork in the road. Choice one will get your on the fast track to becoming a Rainmaker. Choice two of doing nothing will continue the endless cycle of frustration and expecting different results. Either way there are consequences and you will pay.




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