Managing Your Online Brand.

Last month’s blog post on The Other F Word and Mashable’s findings got me thinking about the impact of social media’s on our business and personal lives. Your colleagues, staff, boss, clients, prospects  potential business partners, strategic alliance  are already judging you based on what they find about you online. Like it or not, you are a brand.

But while your online personal brand is becoming increasingly important, it has also become harder to control. We are living in an age of transparency Thomas Jefferson’s advice that: “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching” now truly applies.

So how do you protect and build your online reputation? Both good and  bad see Carol Roth’s Blog Post on Tips to Managing Online Reputation   You must first define what is great and unique about you, and clearly position how you want to be perceived – rather than allow others to define you. Doing so may determine whether you get the speaking opportunities, new business and more….

To position and market your personal brand strategically (just as you do with your company brand), the following questions will help:

  • Who is your target audience – the people you want to appeal to the most?
  • What makes you meaningfully different and special?
  • What key benefits do you offer?
  • What proof can you provide to back your claims?

Using this framework, create two or three short statements that communicate who you are and what you want to be known for. Don’t make the mistake of passing yourself of as Jack or Jackie of all trades. Rather than try to be all things to all people – your personal brand will be far more powerful if you get very clear and focused about what you do.

Less noise / more substance.

Then invest time to cultivate an effective presence within all the key social media platforms. While we live in a very instant gratification world building a personal brand is not a one-off event. You need to be like a gardener and tend your plot regularly and not let the weeds take over.

Realize that social media platforms are just a means – they are not an end unto themselves. It’s a common mistake for businesses to make lots of noise online without having a clear brand strategy in place…its like being on the road to nowhere.  Finally, don’t remain stuck. GET HELP. Take action call me directly  (646) -763-1407 to schedule a FREE consultation. What do you have to lose?

 Next week Part Two of this blog post


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